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This initiative was started at Manav Kalyan Trust, in Navsari, Gujarat. The main focus of the project was to provide Motivation, Training, Information, technical assistance and a livelihood vocation to individuals with disabilities, that can help them make an honest living. We find it highly demeaning to gain leverage from someoneʼs disabilities even for the benefit of the disabled. Which is why we made the most sincere recommendation that the products made at this workshop should not be marketed as products made by disabled individuals. Often, their disability is looked at as the products unique selling point. We are convinced that this is an act of moral degradation. We have observed these individuals perform the art of Hand Paper Making and from our experience, know- how and belief we firmly recommend that the quality of paper made by them is superior to the paper made by ʻnormalʼ individuals. This uniqueness/ distinctness comes from what is referred to as their ʻdisabilityʼ. Their limitation gives them the patience and placidity required for a meditative activity like hand paper making. Therefore let us work in a way, which would instil confidence and dignity in them. For it is our task is to suggest them a way on which they would tread with pride. There are therapeutic advantages associated to the activity as well. As this not our area of expertise we cannot mention the specifics. However due to our interest in the subject in general we would like to work with a team of teachers who would be interested in evaluating the therapeutic implications.

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