Industhan is a firm dedicated towards creating innovative and sustainable buildings. We strongly believe in disseminating and sharing our skills and know-how with young & fertile minds.

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The cumulative experience of the founder and his associates who hold a non-partisan approach to challenges has benefited the company immensely. These varied approaches have kept the company relevant and due to this the organisation has attracted the most talented young professionals. It is this group of talent, along with the able guidance of the founder and his associates that we are able to achieve our goals and objectives.

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Design is an omnipresent aspect in our society. It is all around us, and yet it is least acknowledged by the people who’s life it affects. It is in this milieu and circumstance that we are willing to change. Our approach to design, whether it is Product design, Architectural design or Interior design is rooted in our context. In the words of Charles and Ray Eames “The decisions that are made in a tradition-oriented society are apt to be unconscious decisions – in that each situation or action automatically calls for a specified reaction. Behaviour patterns are pre-programmed, pre-set.

Making is an important aspect of all cultures. It is representative of its sophistication, intelligence and civility. Our intention is to be a representative of the times we are in. The Indian-ness in our approach is paramount to us. The insistence on handmade manufacturing processes in all our products is critical to our designs, however we understand and embrace the need to have an inclusive approach towards new technologies

In todays time and context it has become imperative that we cultivate and consume responsibly. We are part of a society which is looking for an anchor point. Our approach is to innovate and find new avenues through which we can grow our bare necessities within our reach and the least impact to the environment.

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Unicare Shanti Reports Art Village Somaiya

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Winner - Project Leadership Programme


Oikos International, Switzerland

Winner - Impact Fair Award at Futurelab


Oikos International, Switzerland

Social Entrepreneur at the European Business School


European Business School, Frankfurt, Germany

Invited Speaker - Future Influencers


An initiative of Harvard Business Review & Siemens AG

Invited Speaker - 360 Develop Prize


Copenhagen Business School, Denmark